The City through the Lens of Diversity- Homo-banalization? Lesbian and Gay People in the City (Part 2)


How do gays and lesbians invest urban space today?Does the trivialization of LGBT lifestyles in public space does change the visibility strategies in everyday life?
Contributions by sociologists and geographers

Contributors : Sébastien Chauvin et Arnaud Lerch (authors of Sociology of Homosexuality), Colin Giraud (sociologist of "gaytrification"), Mathieu Trachman (sociologist on sex trade), Sylvie Tissot (perception of LGBT people by heterosexuals in mixed neighborhoods), Elena Advila (director, sociologist, cities and suburbs), Valérie Mitteaux, director

Venue : La Friche
Fri, July 19 / 10:30am > 12pm


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