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As part of PrideWeek 2021, the IDEM Collective and the Bookstore L'Hydre aux mille tête are pleased to invite you from 6.30 p.m. to a meeting with the feminist writer Wendy DELORME, followed by discussions around her choral novel. incandescent "Viendra le temps du feu" *.  

“They were all broken and yet unbreakable. They existed together as a united whole, a powerful orchestra, the organs knotted in random order, a large quivering body. And I was one of them.
A totalitarian society with closed borders, bordered by a river. On the other side remain the remains of a community of resistance fighters inspired by the Guerrillas of Monique Wittig. In the capital of the closed territory, various characters tell each other, their aspirations, their memories, how to survive, hide and sneak into a world where books are prohibited. A dystopia in which the crises we are going through today are reflected. A poetic and incandescent choral novel, where we talk about the emancipation of the body, the spirit of rebellion and sorority. A tribute to literature and its emancipatory and subversive potential. " 

Admission is free within the limits of available places, restricted gauge.

* « Viendra le temps du feu » – Collection Sorcières des éditions Cambourakis. Photo credit : Nicole Miquel


Wendy Delorme

Writer, performer, Wendy Delorme has published Quatrième Génération (novel, Grasset, 2007), the collection Insurrection! In sexual territories (Au Diable Vauvert, 2009), La Mère, la Sainte et la Putain (novel, Au Diable Vauvert, 2012), Le corps est une chimère (novel, Au Diable Vauvert, Prix Joseph 2018). Member of the collective of autorX RER Q, she is also a teacher-researcher at the university. 

To get to know her better :

A presentation of the novel "Viendra le temps du feu" by its author Wendy Delorme video  

The Telerama article of 04/13/2021 by Clara Delante 


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