From the 10th to 20th of July
When minorities move societies !


At the very moment when France is getting closer to full equality between its citizens, notably through a milestone piece of legislation (Mariage pour tous), Marseilles will be welcoming the Europride under highly favourable circumstances. Finally, Europe is here! It is an incredible opportunity for us, LGBT people, to keep on fighting, to keep on pushing society forward.
Because yes ! Minorities do make societies move foward ! Because minorities question and bring others to think for and by themselves, because minorities constantly have to fight for the right to exist, they shake and challenge so-called established truths thus bringing more liberties and mutual recognition to the whole of society. Indeed, we claim that our vision of society is inclusive of everyone who aspires to live in mutual respect, in full equality, with no room left for discrimination.
From the 10th to the 20th of July, the EUROMEDITERRANEAN LGBT FORUM will breathe life into the Europride in an original way by offering about 40 dates, encounters, debates and artistic installations and performances, all of them dealing with a common theme: Minorities move societies! All of these events have been imagined with the constant care and will to meet the European dimension of this particular time. There will be many occasions of discovering our different pasts, memories and outlooks, of sharing our points of view, of meeting brilliant and committed people, of creating new forces and solidarities in order to act !
The 2013 edition of the Europride in Marseilles intends to make visible and to present, at a European level, a panorama of the thinking and practices advocated by those committed to LGBT issues. It intends to enrich the political and cultural visibility being presented as an integral part of Marseilles European Capital of Culture in 2013.
Reminder : this is the Europride’s 20th anniversary. The 2013 Europride in Marseilles will be the last one before the forthcoming French mayoral elections and European elections in 2014. Our agenda begins right now !
In collaboration with the organizing instance of the Europride Association (Lesbian and Gay Parade), the associations adhering to the collective IDEM Marseille (Mediterranean Identities, Diversity, Equality) will be proposing collective action for the development of political and activist materials, centering on international and European political dimensions.
Philippe Murcia
President Collectif IDEM


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