TRANSFORM! #2 in English

TRANSFORM! #2 Edition – by the Collectif IDEM


April 21-22, in Marseilles

After a first winter edition at the Villa Alliv, this new edition of the Transform ! festival, festival of queer contemporary creations, settles on the heights of the Estaque, between the sea and the cliffs. A spring edition, luminous and budding, at the centre of a mineral circus, in an uncommon place : the mecanical workshop of the former cement factory La Coloniale.
By coming to La Déviation, you will leave the beaten paths to explore back roads where Transform !, as a pleasure, liberty and open-mindedness booster, prepared 2 eclectic events mixing dance, cabaret, performance and electro music.
This year, by involving the audience to the event, we invite you to question and to break down the binary barriers.
We are multiple, our identities are pluralist, that is why we disaprove assignment, Transform ! #2 !

Created in 2012, the IDEM Collective (Identities Diversity Equality Mediterranean) gathers ten or so local and national associations et around 40 people who create common projects open to all (Amnesty International, le Planning familial…).
The IDEM Collective aims at uniting collaborators and at stimulating cooperations in Marseille. The human rights, the fundamental liberties when it comes to sexual orientation and gender identity, and the rejection of any form of discrimination are at the centre of our commitment. The IDEM Collective organised the Euromediterrnean LGBT Forum in 2013 and the PRIDE in Marseille from 2014 to 2016, as well as the Transform Festival whose first edition was in 2015.

La Déviation
The former cement factory La Coloniale has become la Déviation since 2015. It is a place for creation and artistic research, supported by the association En Devenir. La Déviation is a place of residence, the working spaces are shared, the productions are cross-disciplinary, it is a place for experiment and and artistical research in order to promote free creation, as an independent research, emancipated from  academic pathways.


► 20h00 – 22h45 : DANSE – Думи мoï* ( * Dumy Moyi)  by François Chaignaud, Cie VLOVAJOB PRU (France)
With this one-man performance inspired by sacred dances, François Chaignaud offers us an ambulatory show mixing dance and recital.  Dressed in spectacular costumes/sculptures made by the couturier Romain Brau, he takes us to a series of metamorphosis with singings inspired by the medieval repertoire, but also by Filipino, Ukrenian and Sephardic cultures.
This show, antidote to the traditions of the occidental drama, creates an intimacy where the audience will enjoy the sensitivity and gentleness of the choreography, the excessiveness of the costumes and the artist’s polymorphic voice.

► 21h00 – 22h00 : PERFORMANCE – SHADES OF A QUEEN by MMAKGOSI TSOGANG KGABI (Allemagne/Afrique du Sud)
Shades of a queen is a one-woman performance, an experimental work which questions identity building. Based upon her personal experiences in public places, Mmakgosi’s performance brings the building and identification rituals and the complexity of crossed and multiples identities face to face.
She puts the audience at the centre of her performance with conversations she has with them about a crucial questioning : the assertiveness of a queer identity.

► 23h45 – 1h45 : DJ SET by MARION (LA KLEPTO, Paris)
Marion explores the dark side of electro music, she likes to break down gender walls, to cut down sounds and sample them. With deep and intense sounds, Marion makes us dance on mastered  musical sets including slow techno music with destructured instruments and saturated bass lines.
She increases the pressure with her sustained techno beats and then she makes us dance on lighter melodious synthesizer notes.


► 8h00 – 20h00 : Workshop MICRO EDITION – Fanzine Workshop with Steph & Adèl(e)
Fanzines are one of the best material for transfagdykish stories. From the archives of Mémoire des Sexualités, how is it possible to find the traces of queer political and cultural movements in Europe ? How is memory used among feminist activists ?
Fanzines reading, creation of a fanzine meant to become a queer archive in the future.
20 participants only, make a reservation !

► 21h00 – 21h30 : PERFORMANCE DANSE – CALL ME by Alejandro Flores & Paul Kaplan – Cie CIA F (Costa Rica/Paris)
CALL ME, it’s you, it’s me, it’s us, looking for the body we left in someone else’s bed. CALL ME is the time when we play with our bodies, when we are not afraid of making use of it, when we enjoy its domination. CALL ME is a vision of quick exchanges between intimacy and reality, through glory holes.

► 22h00 – 23h00 : CABARET QUEER – LE BAL DES ILLUSIONS / ILLUSIONS BALL by Jérôme Marin & Antoine Bernollin – Monsieur K 
Monsieur K is a musical show created in 2001, it is a chaotic and imaginary journey in cabaret music.
«That was the moment when, after the oriental dancer act, I walked into the stage, looking like an old marquessa,who, after 10 years of absence, would come back to court, nimble heeled, with a killer smile and a…barely patched suit.

► 23h45 – 1h30 : DJ SET LIVE by DEENA ABDELWAHED
Deena comes from the Tunisian’s alternative scene, and she is a member of the Arabstazy collective, she blends urban rhythms with her personal touch and offers a particularly energetic avant-garde music. Today, she embodies a new generation capable of transforming the codes of  electronic music into Arabian futuristic night club music.

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