Created in 2012 in Marseille, the IDEM Collective (Identities - Diversity - Equality - Mediterranean) is a militant, inter-associative group which aims to promote human rights as well as fundamental freedoms in matters of sexual orientation and gender identity by fighting against all forms of discrimination in the Euro-Mediterranean basin.

The IDEM Collective's mission is to mobilize and contribute to the quality of inter-associative dialogue and to promote collective projects, the implementation of strategies and common synergies, in a non-communitarian secular spirit and independent of political parties. It gives itself the means to organize, coordinate or support events in the Marseille-PACA territory related to the promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms in terms of sexual orientation and gender identity, and the rejection of all forms of discrimination.

Within it, it brings together different individual skills in the fields of activism, culture, communication and events.

The IDEM Collective became known by creating the 1st Euromediteranean LGBT Forum in July 2013 (EuroPride Marseille) where activists and academics met on an international level. An edition of the proceedings of this forum was published in July 2015, LGBT people move societies (éd. Des Ailes sur un tracteur). The launch of the TRANS-FORM Festival! in 2015 reflects our desire to treat desires, sexualities, genres through the prism of contemporary creation by valuing the artistic scene.

The IDEM Collective is committed to recreating a unitary dynamic on the Marseille territory after the failure of EuroPride in 2013. Federating partners, activating cooperation and strengthening structuring logics are at the heart of our commitments. With this action carried out for more than a year, we were elected by all the associations that make up the Steering Committee* of PRIDE MARSEILLE to be the organizer of this event from 2014 to 2016. This recognition has gone hand in hand with the development of support from local authorities (Region, Department, City).

Since its creation, the IDEM Collective has been a recognized association of general interest having a philanthropic, social and cultural character, eligible for sponsorship under articles 200-1 and 238bis-1 of the CGI.

*Steering Committee of PRIDE MARSEILLE 2014-16 : AIDES, Amnesty International, APGL, Autre Cercle-PACA, Aux 3G (Bar associatif lesbien), Le CEL-Centre Evolutif Lilith, Le Collectif IDEM-Identité́ Diversité Egalité Méditerranée, ENIPSE Paca, FSGL-Fédération Sportive Gay et Lesbienne, FLAG! (Policiers et Gendarmes LGBT), Les FrontRunners, Gaylib, G-Stud (association des jeunes LGBT de la région marseillaise), HES, Mémoire des Sexualités, Municigays de Marseille, MUST-Marseille United Sport pour Tous, NPA, PCF, CFDT, UNSA 13, Le Planning Familial-13, Le Refuge, SNEG-Syndicat National des Entreprises Gaies & Co, SoS Homophobie, David et Jonathan, Jeunes Ecolos, Fiertés de Provence, MPPM, Sawa United, La Zouze, Observatoire des Transidentités, Boucle rouge, SIS association, Freedom’s Cosplay show, Vongola Family Team…


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