Globalization and Multipolarization of LGBT Dynamics


What influence globalisation of LGBT dynamics has on on new forms of actions and trans-national solidarity? How could we work better together to avoid risks and balance the powers induced by globalization.

Contributors : Elif EVCi (Lambda Istanbul), Louis-Georges Tin (Idaho France Committee) et Joel Bedos (IDAHO International), Gérard Koskovich (historian, San Francisco), Martin K.I. Christensen (ILGA World et Europe), Jordi Petit (Casal Lambda Barcelona), Elodie Brun (EPOA), Jacques Fortin (founder of the Homosexual Summer University of Marseille), activists from European LGBT organizations and the Middle East-North Africa zone (MENA) ; animator : Olivier Fillieule, sociologist (Lausanne University)

Subject to : Julian Jackson (professor at Oxford, UK)

Venue : La Friche
Fri, July 19 / 2pm > 6pm


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